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  1. This application will allow you to charge your members to feature their files in IPDownloads for set time periods Features Allow club owners to feature their file ( At a cost ) Create unlimited packages with different amounts of times the club is featured for As soon as the purchase is complete the file will be featured The file will be unfeatured after the purchase has expired Set renewals to allow the members to keep their file featured Requirements IP Downloads IP Commerce Pobierz plik
  2. Link Title Retriever from @A Zayed This is a simple plugin to convert posted URLs inside any area in your community into its title with href to the this URL. Example, If I posted: it will be aromatically converted into this: Invision Community - Forum software, CMS, eCommerce & more - Invision Community Plugin in example action: demo.webm P.S: This is a very basic function plugin and it's subject to be enhanced according to your suggestions and recommendations. Pobierz plik
  3. Added a filter to view members that have opt-in for bulk mail in the ACP, and an option to opt-out those members Bug fixes Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  4. Notification Icons from @A Zayed A simple plugin to place an icon representing notification item inside inline notification page and top notification ajaxed box. The plugin comes with full customization for the used icons and their backgrounds, It supports all notification types related to Content types & Member related notifications as following: New Content in Followed Area Content Requiring Approval New Comment/Review Warnings/Reports Automatic Moderation Mentions/Quotes Reactions Following Members Notifications Profile Comments/Replies Posting New Statuses for Followed Members Default Icon for any Custom Notification Important notes after installation: Some communities may require caches clear in order to display the icons normally. To choose the icon, you've to use fontawsome version 4.7 HERE Hope you enjoy it. Pobierz plik
  5. Flatness Dark Theme Demo: Features: Beautiful Design Slider Slider Guest Message Footer Full editable IPS Menu, Header and Navbar ACP Menu Pobierz plik
  6. Weak.


    iNotes is an app, which adds possibility of adding notes to posts Functions: - Adding, editing and deleting notes (Full editor and changing color of notes) - Notifications, when somebody adds note to your post - Configuring access in ACP Demo: Pobierz plik
  7. This plugin add the captcha on login form IPS 4.3 compatibility ONLY If you have any questions before purchase please use support topic. Support topic Pobierz plik
  8. Dark Simplify introduces a cleaner and more minimalist style to IPS Community Suite 4. Powered by our own bespoke framework, Simplify has vast potential for customisation. Our range of configuration settings allow you to tailor the theme to however you desire. Choose from features such as colour picking, live backgrounds, navigation icons, sticky headers & social icons. Key Features Responsive Mobile Design Live Customisation Options Resizable Header & Breadcrumbs Social Media & Navigation's Icons Powered by "Base" Framework integrated Colour Picker Google Webfonts API Integration Advanced Footer Blocks Base Framework Base is underlying framework that power our IPS4 themes. The consistent code base means awesome new features can be added quickly and easily. Sneaky issues are also easier to diagnose and fix. We dislike seeing the same style of theme on every website just as much as you do, that's why Base is extremely customisation with over 60 configurable settings. Base Framework Features Responsive Design : Browse on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Our themes are beautifully responsive. SEO Optimisation : Clean & semantic code ensures search engines crawl your site's most important content. Bespoke Typography : Direct integration into Google Webfonts. Just enter the font name and we'll do the rest. Unique Customisation : Extends IPS4's theme setting system to offer powerful editing capabilities. Browser Support : Our themes are tested to work on all modern mobile & desktop browsers. (....even IE!) Ready to Translate : Need one-click translations? Our themes integrate perfectly with IPS4's localisation system. Supports Only 4.3.x 2.0.0 Pobierz plik
  9. Project X rankbars by dOc | cyberpixelz ( this is just a preview ) if you want to make more ranks, just send me a pm, and i will help you for free.For custom rankbars same, send me a message ( i also make ips themes ) Max 5 ranks in + Pobierz plik
  10. This application links external API of ArmA Remote Admin(other APIs will be added soon) with IPB. The response from the API server is saved in local database table. Features: notification when player is whitelisted or got reserved slot synchronization when group permission changes synchronization when UID of member changes synchronization when groups of member changes you can require user to set his Steam UID on registration specified groups can view profile data as shown on screenshot Currently Supported API: ArmA Remote Admin ( Pobierz plik
  11. Weak.

    (WK) Contact

    Edytowałeś HTML tego obiektu. Przywróć styl "wkContact"
  12. "I'm Calling You" is a simple plugin to increase engagement between your community and your members... By using a word tag, for example, [you]... you can talk directly to the logged in user inside posts. Example, if a user typed this line in the editor: It'll converted automatically to this: Pobierz plik
  13. This application will allow you to charge your members to feature their clubs for set times, Seeing as your members can now charge people to join their club, I thought it might be a good idea to allow them to advertise their club via the featured settings Features Allow club owners to feature their clubs ( At a cost ) Create unlimited packages with different amount of times the club is featured for As soon as the purchase is complete the club will be featured Set renewals to allow the members to keep their club featured Show a widget with a list of featured clubs to place anywhere on your site Requirements IP Commerce Clubs enabled 😂 Pobierz plik
  14. This plugin will add the Question and Answer Challenge when a guest tries to create a new topic in your board. Note: This plugin will create a cookie with 1 minute of lifetime. After that time, guest will have to answer again to the challenge. Guests will be able to create the topic if you haven't set Questions and Answers (ACP -> Member -> Spam Prevension -> Question and Answer Challenge). Pobierz plik
  15. This plugin allows you to enter different pagination limit in each topic/forum. So basically, it changes posts per topic and topics per forum settings. Possible use You can reduce the post count of slow loading topics. You can show all topics of any forum as a single page. Settings Groups to change. Select forum. Pobierz plik